Bad Bunny: Why did his girlfriend ‘Carlize’ file case against singer—rapper ‘Bunny’?

Singer—Rapper ‘Bad Bunny’: Recently, a big news is coming about rapper Bunny, which has once again brought him into limelight. Singer and rapper Bunny has been sued by his ex-girlfriend. Find out more about the case.

Everyone in Hollywood who is famous makes a lot of news about their personal lives. In this scene, the name of the well-known rapper Bad Bunny is mentioned. Recently, a big story about the rapper Bunny has come out, putting him back in the spotlight. Ex-girlfriend of singer and rapper Bunny has filed a lawsuit against him. Find out more about the case.

Carlidge accuses Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny: Why did his girlfriend ‘Carlize’ file case against singer—rapper ‘Bunny’?

The rapper and singer Bunny’s ex-girlfriend recently filed a lawsuit against him, saying that he used her voice without her permission. Carlisle de la Cruz is a big deal as the name of Bad Bunny’s girlfriend. After dating for a number of years, the two broke up in 2016. After a long time, his ex-girlfriend has now said some very bad things about him.

Songs on YouTube got a lot of views

Carlidge says that Bunny lied to him and used his voice without permission in two of his songs. On YouTube, both of these songs are very famous. More than 355 million people have watched the first song, “Paa Tee,” on YouTube. On the other hand, more than 60 million people have seen the second song, “Dos Mil.” Both songs have gotten a lot of attention from fans.

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This amount sought in compensation

Reports from the media say that Bunny’s girlfriend has accused him of using both of those songs on records, in ads, and at shows around the world. He had never asked Carlidge for permission to do any of these things. Not only that, but Carlidge has asked him for $ 40 million, which is about Rs 330 crore. I can tell you that Bad Bunny and Carlidge’s romance began in 2011.

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